Sunrise optical is a leading provider of design, quality, manufacture and export solutions for those world-leading fast fashion chain stores, department stores, supermarket & private labels. Founded by Forrest Yang in 1998, after years of rapid grow, we are:

  1. bet356体育官网 Two professional factories with 500 skill workers, one located in Wenzhou, another located in Xiamen.

  2. Two in-house mould & 3D design center

  3. One well-equipped in-house laboratory

  4. bet356体育官网 5 production lines cover all categories: PC, CP & TR90,TPR,TPE injection, co-mould injection, metal, acetate.

  5. bet356体育官网 Export more than 30,000,000 pcs a year, most of them are sunglasses.

  6. Release more than 1000 new models every season targeting fashion, sport & lifestyle.

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  1. bet356体育官网 2家专业工厂,500个熟练工人,一家位于温州,另一家位于厦门。有能力通过业界严格的社会责任及品质验厂,拥有2个内部模具开发中心和3D设计中心 。

  2. bet356体育官网 2个内部模具开发中心和3D设计中心

  3. 1个设备齐全的内部实验室,确保产品符合不同国家标准

  4. 5条生产线,涵盖PC, CP, TR90,TPR,TPE,金属,板材等不同材料的太阳镜和光学镜

  5. bet356体育官网 每年出口超过 30,000,000 付, 其中大部分为太阳眼镜

  6. 每年发布超过1000款时尚、运动、休闲新款

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